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Friday, June 10, 2016

To renew or not that is a really good question

I've had a website since 2005. In the first 10 years, the website served as an online resume for people to see my accomplishments, listen to some of my music, and look at pictures of me to assess whether or not I would be a good candidate to teach their children or sing with an orchestra. Today, I was reminded that my website has expired and since I have not updated the site for the past two years, what is the point of maintaining something that costs me a lot of money and saddens me from its lack of content? I actually received more joy from the blog on my site and that as we can see is a free medium. Here I am spilling out my innermost thoughts in hopes that I can be of comedic relief to someone out there who wonders if there is anyone else out there with as many years of experience and training writing at 12:58 a.m. Friday morning. I suppose the decision to keep the website boils down to the impracticality of spending a few hundred dollars so that anyone in the world can look and see that I have legitimate creds. My main accomplishment lately has been playing and singing hymns from the hymnal. Not many people can say that they can take four verses of "He Leadeth Me" and make them unique and soul enriching as I can. This is a real gift folks. Especially now that so many churches are doing away with hymnals and replacing them with words and chords on a sheet of paper or in the bigger churches, the Jumbotron. So, it boils down to how necessary is this website idea? A part of me is crying for the years when I had many concerts to list. If I listed my "gigs" now they would consist of memorial services, bar mitzvahs, and Chorister #7 up on the Civic Theatre Stage. I guess I answered my own question...