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Saturday, July 11, 2015


No matter where you go, you have to walk. You can drive a car, ride a bike, or take the bus or trolley/subway. But in order for you to get to where you have to go, you have to get out and walk. While in New York and Boston, I noticed how much walking actually has to take place in order to get around. Driving is ridiculous since parking is a premium in both cities and the mass transit is economical and gets you where you have to go in a more efficient and timely manner. I read somewhere that the human body was designed to walk for long periods of time and that sitting or lounging is really what has caused so many back and neck problems. It makes perfectly logical sense and I admit to feeling much better physically and emotionally after I have walked a few miles each day. I've had an unusual amount of time recently to contemplate about my summer activities and also plan ahead for my upcoming year of work. I have spent many hours reading books, articles, and talking with complete strangers. I have observed how many people have a routine of sorts in which they accomplish tasks of the day. There are also articles about successful people who have morning routines. I suppose its time to get one of those instead of basing my routine on when my cat pounces on my head to wake me up!